Ed Kelley

To Coach and Lead Leaders…To Make A Real Difference…Expecting Excellence.

E.F. Kelley (Ed) has spoken at several conferences including the National YouthWorkers Convention; INLETS conference led by the FBI; Family Camps; Student Missions conferences; Men’s Retreats; and Apologetic conferences.

He has been published locally and nationally, writing for American Military University and published in Police One ( the largest online magazine for law enforcement).

All of the E.F. Kelley Associates are experts in their field of technology, management, leadership development, and tactical problem solving.

E.F. Kelley himself has a strong background in management holding the position of Executive Pastor at three “Mega” churches as well as holding the position of Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Visa/Mastercard Corp. where he was employed as an “Operations Analyst” (read: Efficiency Expert). In addition E.F. is also a chaplin for the FBI led INLETS anti-terrorist group. Previously, he also was the de camp chaplain for a Narcotics/SWAT unit in Southern California for 3+ years.